What is violence against women?

Violence against women is about the control and coercion of women.

Violence against women in relationships is a power (and oftentimes) gender based crime, usually by a one partner, directed at a female partner.

At the centre of violent relationships is a pattern of power and control. Individual events may not appear violent or abusive, but added up and experienced over time they result in one person in a relationship holding the power and having a lot of control over the other.

Incidents at first may not seem serious, but usually escalate over time, leading to women feeling degraded, isolated and having little control over their lives

You Are Not Alone

  • 50% of women in Canada have experienced sexual or physical violence
  • Each year, 20,000 women in B.C. experience relationship violence.

Myth vs. Reality


Violence against women is a "women's issue"

It is a human rights issue that affects everyone

Violence against women is a "private matter" or "family issue"

It is a systemic problem.  Women all over the world have similar experiences of violence.

Each partner is equally responsible for the problem.

Abusers are 100% responsible for the abuse.