Paper or digital?

You can print and complete paper copies of the resources to include in your emergency kit or file for safekeeping at your business.

For those who want a digital approach - complete the plans on your computer or mobile device, email it to yourself and others, then save the emailed document to your device. This way, you'll have your plan in your pocket when you need it most. 

Resource Library

Household Preparedness Guide (PDF, 1.91MB)

Household Emergency Plan (PDF, 463.7KB)

Neighbourhood Guide (PDF, 395.8KB)

Townhouse, Apartment and Condo Guide (PDF, 589.5KB)

Small Business Guide (PDF, 2.47MB)

Small Business Plan (PDF, 594.2KB)

Tourism Guide (PDF, 2.5MB)

Tourism Plan (PDF, 395.8KB)

Guide For Those With a Disability (PDF, 694.8KB)

Prepare Your Pets (PDF, 485.3KB)