Emergency Management B.C. Policies

Emergency Management BC (EMBC) is the Province's lead agency for the management of provincial-level emergencies and disasters, and supports other authorities within their areas of jurisdiction. 

These policies and procedures have been developed to support EMBC staff and affiliated groups:

Questions related to any EMBC policy should be directed to your nearest EMBC regional office.


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Terms and Definitions (PDF, 186KB)


1.01 Task Report
1.02 Public Safety Lifeline Volunteer Code of Conduct

Certificate of Appreciation

1.04 Hepatitis B Prevention/Post Exposure Follow-up
1.05 Public Safety Lifeline Volunteer Registration
1.06 Personal/Commercial Conflict of Interest

Volunteer Recognition Program

1.08 Application for Training Task Number
1.09 British Columbia Disaster Mitigation Program: Eligible Applicants



Provincial Support for Livestock Relocation During an Emergency

2.02 Task Authorization
2.03 Support to Local Authorities when Declaring a State of Local Emergency
2.04 PEP Air Service
2.05 Red Flashing Light and Siren Permits
2.06  Public Safety Lifeline Volunteer Safety

Road and Medical Rescue

2.08 Ground Search and Rescue (GSAR) Winter Response

Body Recovery

2.10 Class 'D' Helicopter Rescue*
*contact SAR specialists for application
2.11 Search and Rescue Helicopter Usage

Search and Rescue

2.13 Search and Rescue Night Vision Imaging Systems (Pilot Project)


  Intentionally blank  


4.01 Emergency Telephone Requirements
4.02 Provincial Flood Response Assets


5.01 Task Registration
5.02 Expense Reimbursement
5.03 Evacuee Living Assistance
5.04 Public Safety Lifeline Equipment Repair/Replacement
5.05 PEP Air Invoice (CASARA Expense Claim)
5.06 Volunteer Expense Reimbursement and Allowance Rate
5.07 Workers’ Compensation Coverage
5.08 Liability Coverage
5.09 Disaster Financial Assistance Application
5.10 TEAMS Finance and Administration
5.12 Construction of Temporary Berms and Dikes
5.13 Pandemic Response Task Eligibility for First Nations and Local Government