Provincial emergency plans

Multi-agency emergency plans are an important part of ensuring B.C. is prepared for an emergency or disaster.

These plans are reviewed and updated regularly to ensure a strategy is in place to address future emergencies and disasters. Multi-agency plans foster co-operation among many organizations across the province with a strong focus on public safety, infrastructure protection, and disaster recovery.

B.C. Emergency Management System

British Columbia Emergency Management System (PDF, 2.6MB) is recognized as a standard system for emergency response, and is currently required for use within B.C. Government, and recommended as a best practice for all emergency management partners in B.C. 

Emergency Operations Centre Guidelines

The Operations Centre Guidelines - interim (PDF, 2.3MB) is a set of standards for members of an Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) in the event of a major emergency or disaster. The document is dated but continues to provide a solid framework for community EOCs. For forms and templates, contact your Regional Office to ensure current practices and processes are used.

Provincial Earthquake Immediate Response Strategy

The Provincial Earthquake Immediate Response Strategy (PDF, 5.5MB) focuses on the structure and frameworks for provincial coordination following a catastrophic earthquake. This document replaces the the B.C. Earthquake Immediate Response Plan published in 2015.

Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan

The Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan is a framework that outlines the provincial operations used in the event of an emergency or disaster.

The All Hazard Plan (PDF, 1MB) explains provincial operations, as well as roles and responsibilities that might apply in an emergency or disaster. 

Support Annexes are all-hazard documents and include functional aspects of emergency management.

Other emergency plans 

The following are emergency plans that are developed or maintained by other ministries or agencies.