Adopt BC Kids

Our new Adopt BC Kids streamlines the adoption process for families who are waiting to adopt a child or teen who has been in B.C. foster care, helping ensure that kids find the loving homes that they deserve, sooner.

Now, new families can view their application process, track what documents have been received and understand next steps. Once approved, prospective parents can browse the photos and videos of children and youth who are waiting to be adopted.


Let's Talk Adopting from Foster Care - Support Needs

Are you aware of the support needs of children/youth in foster care?


Let's Talk Adopting From Foster Care: Skills & Attributes

Do you have the skills and attributes needed to adopt children/youth from foster care?

Reach out to the Adoptive Families Association of BC (AFABC)

Reaching out to AFABC staff will put you in touch with other adoptive parents. They also offer education sessions on various topics and can connect you with outreach support staff.

Adopt BC Kids is a personalized hub that connects you to the tools and resources you'll need throughout the adoption process.

  • To get access, you must sign-up for a Personal BCeID.  Signing up for a personal BCeID will ensure that you have Secure access to this online government service.  Please note you may need your birth certificate or other proof of Canadian citizenship for this process.
  • Use your BCeID to access Adopt BC Kids and set up your personal profile.

Once you are inside Adopt BC Kids, you move through the adoption application stages.  At different times during your application process, you'll gain access to different areas of the site, such as: child/teen social profiles with photo listings, matching events in your community, and more.

You can fill out the adoption application and save your work as you go. Once your application is submitted, you'll be provided with assistance to help you with the other items needed to fully complete your application (e.g. criminal record check, a medical reference, personal references etc...).

At this stage of the process, you will be sent an invitation to attend the Adoption Education Program, which is offered in-person and online.

This program consists of a class-room based course or online of 12 learning modules.  Some topics include:

  • Grief & Loss Issues in Kids
  • Effects of Trauma on Children & Teens
  • Attachment
  • The Difference Between Biological and Adoptive Parenting

In some communities, face-to-face classroom training is made available on evenings during workdays, and during the daytime on Saturdays and Sundays.  Connect with the Adoptive Families Association of BC for more information or to enquire about options in your community.

Homestudy is the final stage of the application process. 

Please be aware that the Homestudy process is thorough and, because of this, takes some time to complete.  In general, this stage requires a number of home visits by an adoption social worker and in-depth interviews with you, your spouse (if relevant) and any family members who live with you.

Once you and your family are approved to adopt the Matching Process begins. At this stage, adoption social workers work with you to find the ideal match for you and your family.

During this time, the  adoption social worker will walk with you through the remaining steps until your new family is complete.