Aboriginal Children & Teens

A number of children and teens in foster care are of Aboriginal heritage.

Aboriginal children in care need homes with Aboriginal families whenever possible – to help them stay connected with their extended family and community.

When kids are adopted into homes from their culture, it allows for Aboriginal families, organizations and communities to participate in raising the child or teen. This approach also respects the customs and traditions of the First Nations and/or Aboriginal community and ensures that Aboriginal kids maintain their cultural, linguistic and spiritual identities.

When an Aboriginal home cannot be found, non-Aboriginal homes that support the child or youth through a Cultural Safety Agreement are considered.

Cultural Safety Agreements - Purpose

The intent of a Cultural Safety Agreement is to facilitate a child’s internalization of his or her culture. When an Aboriginal child in care is to be adopted by a non-Aboriginal family, that child must be provided with a plan to preserve his or her cultural identity and connectedness to his or her extended family and community.