Adopt a Teen in Foster Care

Parenting a teen is exciting and sometimes challenging.  However, the reward you can feel in helping an adolescent make a positive transition into adulthood couldn't be greater!

Teens choose their adoptive families as much as you choose them.  Our adolescents come with life experience that is unique to them, and they can surprise you with what they have to offer.

Many of these young people have experienced multiple moves in their lives, as well as being impacted by trauma, but parenting a teen doesn't require any specialized traits. Many people already possess what's needed for success, including:

  • Flexibility
  • Compassion
  • Unconditional commitment
  • And a sense of humor

The best adoptive parents are willing to understand how best to help these teens overcome their past, so that they can look forward to the future. 

Remember - every child deserves a family, and you're never too old to need one.


Being a teenager is stressful.  As children enter into adolescence they go through big changes - physical, emotional and social.  Now imagine dealing with these  teen challenges and transitions all alone.  If our teens are not adopted by the age of 19 they are likely to never have a permanent home.

Everyone needs a sense of belonging, stability, guidance and support during these critical teen years.  Having the support of an adoptive family has many positive benefits for youth. Many are more likely to:

  • Finish high school
  • Pursue post-secondary education
  • Gain life skills
  • Feel more emotionally secure

This foundation helps to empower youth as they become young adults.  It helps them to be independent, secure employment, and establish healthy relationships.

Teens in foster care can have pre-established relationships and supports that can include:

  • Foster Parents - life-long connections with the families they've lived with while in-care
  • Volunteers - such as individuals from Big Brothers Big Sisters Canada
  • Siblings or significant connections - who are often birth family members

Although these individuals can play a significant role in the lives of our youth, they do not replace parents Young people's greatest need is a dedicated and permanent 'parent,' and adoptive parents fill this role. 

Having something permanent provides a teen with the critical foundation they need to grow to their full potential.