Adopt Siblings

Many of the children and teens in foster care also have brothers and sisters in the foster care system.  For those looking to adopt more than one child or teen, sibling adoption is a great option!

Siblings relationships are often the longest-lasting relationships in our lives.  These relationships are especially important to our children and teens who benefit from preserving a biological family bond. 

Why Siblings Need to Grow-up Together

A UK report into the impact of sibling separation in the British foster care system illustrates the importance of sibling relationships.

"Three in four [adults] polled (75%) said that having a sibling helped them make friends with other people more easily, 71% said it helped them in their adult relationships, 69% said it helped them deal better with school life and nearly a half (49%) said it helped them in their work life"

We are committed to keeping siblings together and finding homes where these bonds can be preserved.