Violence prevention - Respectful Futures learning resource

Respectful Futures is a learning resource developed by BC Corrections in partnership with the Ministry of Education as a relationship violence prevention tool for youth 12 to 18 years old in schools and the community that reinforces a better understanding of healthy and respectful relationships.

Respectful Futures is modeled on Respectful Relationships, a BC Corrections program offered to men convicted of assault that has been found to reduce intimate partner violence recidivism. Men who completed Respectful Relationships told us they would not have been abusive if they had been given the tools for respectful relationships when they were younger.

The materials were developed from a gender-neutral perspective that is relevant to relationships of all kinds: friendships, romantic, family and community.

Developing resources for schools and community organizations provides youth with the skills they need to develop healthy and respectful relationships and to improve outcomes for them and their future relationships.

See the Respectful Futures facilitation guide for educators consisting of six modules, a mindful handbook and video clips.