BC Corrections integrated transitional and release planning

Individuals transitioning to the community may face challenges such as having no money, job or place to live.

Through the Integrated Transitional and Release Planning program, probation and correctional officers work together to connect individuals who are at high risk for reoffending with community resources upon their release from custody. Collectively, our staff develop a case plan to help these individuals live crime-free in the community.

Individuals must be willingly engaged in the process to help them connect with appropriate living arrangements, consider job opportunities and access supports in the community, such as mental health and addictions services.

The program is particularly effective in the short term, reducing rates of re-offending by 45% three months following release and 35% at six months following release.  

For more information, see Integrated Offender Management - (IOM) The Case for Working Together and the Integrated Offender Management Program Impact Analysis – Research Report.