Community Programs

If you are considered to have a high risk of committing other crimes, the court may order you to participate in a special program run by B.C. Community Corrections. Some of these programs are described below. 

  • Relationship Violence Prevention Program - a two-part program aimed at reducing violence in family relationships
  • Respectful Relationships - part one is a 10-session program that teaches offenders how to manage their emotions and behaviour and increase their problem-solving skills so they are less likely to be violent in their relationships
  • Relationship Violence - part two is a 17-session program for men who assault their partners
  • Substance Abuse Management - a 12-session pre-treatment program that teaches offenders how to reduce the consequences of substance use - from safer use to managed use and abstinence
  • Sex Offender Treatment and Maintenance - to treat sex offenders and help them retain what they have learned in treatment

Probation officers can also help you find other resources in the community based on your needs. They include mental health and addiction services, income assistance, housing, employment skills training or education upgrading.

More Information

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