Community Supervision

The court may order that you serve all or part of your sentence in the community. Probation, conditional sentences and suspended sentences all involve community supervision. See Serving a Community Sentence  for more information.

When you serve all or part of your sentence in the community, you must follow all conditions set out in your sentence. If you do not follow the conditions the consequences can be serious. You may be supervised by a probation officer, who will work with you to help you change your behaviour and become a law-abiding member of the community. This is referred to as case management.

Probation Officers:

  • Monitor you to make sure you are obeying your court order and return you to court if you do not 
  • Look at your risk of committing other crimes and figure out what might help you avoid re-offending, addressing those risks and needs as part of a case management plan
  • Prepare reports and assessments about offenders and victims and provide sentencing options for the court
  • Offer programs addressing needs and risks related to your offending
  • Review your response to the steps taken and adjust your case management plan in response to changing circumstances and results

Consequence of Not Obeying Your Conditions

There are serious consequences for not following the conditions that the court has ordered. The consequences depend on the type of community sentence you received but may include being charged with a new offence, receiving an in custody term, another period of community supervision or a fine. Your probation officer can explain to you very clearly what penalties you can face if you fail to obey the conditions of your sentence.

More Information

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