About the BC Sheriff Service

Last updated on January 26, 2023

Mission: Sheriff Service continues to be committed to the integrity and protection of the Court system in British Columbia through service and operational excellence.

Vision: Continue to be recognized as an international leader in providing protective and enforcement services for the justice system.

Under the authority of the Sheriff Act, (section 2), the Interpretation Act (section 20), and the Police Act, (section 9), sheriffs provide for the safety and security of the courts of British Columbia and the participants in the judicial system.

Court security duties

Sheriffs provide security services to the Provincial, Supreme and Appeal Courts of British Columbia, as well as planning for and staffing high-security trials at all levels of court.

At the Supreme Court level, the BC Sheriff Service (BCSS) oversees the jury administration and selection process for criminal and civil trials. The BCSS also supplies protection services and jury administration for Coroner’s Inquests in British Columbia.

In addition, BCSS offers security services to various other agencies that may require its expertise. This may include public commissions or public hearings that require the protection of attendees due to security concerns.

Transport duties

BCSS responsibilities also include transporting accused persons, convicted persons and persons confined under the Mental Health Act from provincial and federal correctional institutions throughout the province. BCSS personnel can also be called upon to transport material witnesses, persons under hospital guard, individuals whose federal parole has been revoked and persons arrested in civil matters.

Additional duties include returning accused persons from out-of-province on outstanding warrants back to the province in which they stand charged under the Fugitive Return Program.

Ceremonial Unit

The Ceremonial Unit represents the BCSS at community and special events and attends funerals and memorials of serving and retired members, including:

  • colour party or standard bearer duties
  • ceremonial guard duties and
  • honour guards at funerals

BCSS members (serving or retired) participate in the Ceremonial Unit on a voluntary basis.