B.C. Sheriff Service - Integrated Threat Assessment Unit (ITAU)

The Integrated Threat Assessment Unit (ITAU) gathers intelligence and conducts threat assessments for high-security/high-profile trials, appearances and escorts throughout the province. Following the completion of threat assessments, the unit is available to assist with operational planning for these events and situations.

ITAU also conducts threat assessments on any court appearances, including family or small claims, where threats have been identified to participants, counsel or members of the judiciary.

Staff assigned to ITAU have enhanced security clearance and work consultatively with many justice system partners for the purposes of gathering intelligence for use in threat assessments.

ITAU oversees the work of the Protective Operations Unit (POU), whose mandate includes the protection of individuals who may be at risk due to the nature of their work, have received inappropriate communications, have been threatened, or have been identified as requiring protection. Protective Operations may include infrastructure and vulnerability assessments, personal protection, security transport operations, residential, site, and special event security.