BC Mines Certifications

The Mines Act requires everyone employed at a mine to be under the daily supervision of a person with a valid and appropriate certificate. The regulations or the Health, Safety and Reclamation Code for Mines in British Columbia (the Code) set out what kind of certificate is appropriate.

The Ministry offers several certifications applicable for mining in British Columbia.

Blasting Certifications

The Code requires you to have a BC Mines Blaster Certificate to perform blasting on a mine site in B.C.


It costs $100 to get your BC Mines Blaster Certificate and you must renew it every five years. To get your certificate, you must register for the program and pass two online exams, then pass an in-person interview with an Inspector of Mines at a regional mining office.

Mine Supervisor Certification

You must hold a Mine Supervisor Certificate if you supervise six or fewer people on a mine site, or if you supervise any number of people on an exploration site or in another area of a mine, including:

  • a mill
  • a warehouse
  • a tailings storage facility
  • a lab
  • a maintenance area or shop
  • a construction project on a mine site

This applies to all mine sites in B.C. including major mines, exploration sites, sand and gravel and placer operations, and quarries.


It costs $100 to get your Mine Supervisor Certificate and you must renew it every five years. To get your certificate, you must register for the certification and pass an online exam.

Certifications offered at regional mining offices

Some certifications are only available through the regional mining operations offices. Please contact the ministry at Mine.Certifications@gov.bc.ca to apply for one of the following types of certifications:

Shiftboss Certification

A Shiftboss Certification is required if you supervise more than six people on any surface mining operation. Any activity being carried out in an underground mine requires the supervision of an Underground Shiftboss.

Fireboss Certification (Underground Coal)

A Fireboss Certification is required is required for anyone who supervises others in an underground coal mine.

Mine Rescue

Part 3 of the Code has very specific requirements governing mine rescue coverage on a mine site.

All mine rescue training is provided by the individual mine site. The Ministry conducts mine rescue exams and issues certifications to successful candidates. The Ministry does not provide mine rescue training. To maintain your Mine Rescue Certificate in good standing, ongoing training and practice in mine rescue are required.