Administrative Monetary Penalties

Administrative monetary penalties (AMPs) are financial penalties that may be imposed on any individual or corporation that contravenes prescribed provisions of the Mines Act, the regulations and/or the Health, Safety and Reclamation Code. The Ministry of Energy, Mines, and Low Carbon Innovation (EMLI) seeks to achieve voluntary compliance with applicable requirements wherever possible. This is generally achieved through the issuance of orders to remedy non-compliance. Where voluntary compliance cannot be achieved or where the non-compliance presents more significant risks, EMLI may pursue the imposition of an AMP or an offence prosecution. AMPs are efficient, cost-effective and flexible, and can be imposed without court involvement. 

The Mines Act provides the authority to make findings of contravention or non-compliance and to impose AMPs. The Mines Act also provides the ability to appeal an AMP. The Administrative Penalties (Mines) Regulation provides the maximum AMP amount that can be imposed for each contravention.