Vendor Complaint Review Process

Ministry of Forests, Lands & Natural Resource Operations

The following is the process for registering a vendor complaint relating to procurement activities carried out by the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations pursuant to Core Policy Part II of Chapter 6 and the Vendor Complaint Review Process for Government Procurement.

Step Action Timeframe Guideline

If a complaint is not resolved through informal discussion, a vendor may initiate the formal VCRP process by completing and submitting a Vendor Complaint Form online; 

or by contacting the Ministry Representative listed on the competition posting.

Note that this form can also be accessed directly through the BC Bid Website.

Vendor Complaint must be received within 30 business days after notice of competition outcome.
2. The Ministry will acknowledge receipt of the complaint, assign a reference number (to be used in all future correspondence) and begins Step 3. 3 to 5 business days

The Ministry representative or next senior ministry official investigates the complaint and provides a written response, signed by the Director or other senior ministry official, to the complainant including:

    if denied/dismissed, the reasons; or
    if merited, planned action and rationale; and
    to pursue the matter further, appropriate contact information of the next senior ministry official.

Branch/Regions are to report unresolved complaints, along with explanations, to the Ministry VCRP Advisor.

30 business days from receipt of complaint - or notify the reason for delay.
4. Unresolved complaints will be escalated to the Assistant Deputy Minister level for review and written response. The written response will advise the complainant that the matter can be further pursued by requesting a review by the Procurement Governance Office (PGO). 30 business days from receipt of complainant’s notice of dissatisfaction.
5. Ministry staff will provide a report of the outcome of the complaint to the VCRP Advisor to update the complaint register. 30 business days from receipt of complainant’s notice of dissatisfaction.
6. If still unresolved, the complainant may pursue the matter further through the Procurement Governance Office Process. 30 business days from date of Ministry’s final response.