Cone and seed improvement program

The Tree Seed Centre:

  • Conducts applied and basic research on tree seed
  • Constructs and summarizes quality assurance programs
  • Performs education, extension and communication activities

The Tree Seed Centre’s cone and seed improvement program focuses primarily on the seed handling system. Seed handling system activities range from identifying cone crops to sowing and initial seedling growth in the nursery. The program’s main emphasis is on planting with conifer seedlings.

  1. Species-Specific information
  2. Quality Assurance program
  3. Tree Seed Working Group
  4. Other Cone and Seed Resources
  5. Workshops and Presentations


Please submit comments about either of these documents to the Tree Seed Centre. A new edition of the Anatomy and Morphology of Conifer Tree Seed is currently being developed.

These publications are no longer in print, so hard copies are not available.