Cone and seed processing

Processing involves detailed seedlot evaluation, cone conditioning, seed extraction from cones (cone processing) and removal of debris and non-viable seed (seed processing).

Cone and seed process

The process from cone collection to new trees is:

  1. Cone collection
  2. Post-collection and handling
  3. Cone processing
  4. Seed processing
  5. Testing
  6. Storage
  7. Pretreatment
  8. Sowing

General processing guidelines

In all phases of cone and seed processing, Tree Seed Centre technicians:

  • Monitor relative humidity, temperature, air movement and cone and seed quality, moisture contents and readiness for subsequent seed processing steps
  • Thoroughly clean and inspect equipment between seedlots
  • Protect the seedlot against over-handling and contamination from other seedlots
  • Ensure end product is at least 97% pure, within a range of 4.0 to 9.9% moisture content and contains optimum levels of filled seed
  • Maintain and track individual seedlot or family lot identity