Cone & Seed Processing

Processing involves detailed seedlot evaluation, cone conditioning, seed extraction from cones (cone processing) and removal of debris and non-viable seed (seed processing).

General Processing Guidelines

In all phases of cone and seed processing, Tree Seed Centre technicians

  • Monitor relative humidity, temperature, air movement and cone and seed quality, moisture contents and readiness for subsequent seed processing steps;
  • Document quality and production observations and results on a seedlot, seedlot fraction or family lot basis;
  • Thoroughly clean and inspect equipment between seedlots;
  • Protect the seedlot against over-handling and contamination from other seedlots;
  • Ensure end product is at least 97% pure, within a range of 4.0 to 9.9% moisture content and contains optimum levels of filled seed; and
  • Maintain and track individual seedlot or family lot identity.