Tree Seed Centre contact list

Review this list of Tree Seed Centre staff to find out who to contact for specific information.

Michael Postma

Phone: 778-609-2000
Role: Tree Seed Centre program, staffing and activities.

Pamela Luebker
Financial Analyst

Phone: 250-739-8344
Role: Invoicing, pricing and revenue management program.

Dave Kolotelo
Cone and Seed Improvement Officer

Phone: 778-609-2001
Role: Seed science and technology, research, extension and seed testing and quality assurance program.

Victoria Lei
Testing Supervisor

Phone: 778-609-2009
Role: Seed testing methodology, status and results for new, returned, stored and quality assured seedlots.

Marilyn Cherry
Cone and Seed Operations Officer

Phone: 778-609-2002
Role: Cone and Seed Processing and Inventory Management services and activities.

Spencer Reitenbach
Inventory Management Supervisor

Phone: 778-609-2004
Role: Inventory management activities, status and results to include receipt of seed, seedlot registration, information about stored seedlots, seed sales, seed withdrawals for sowing and other purposes, stratification/pelleting and returned seed program.

Laura Klade
Cone and Seed Processing Supervisor
Phone: 778-609-2006
Role: Cone and seed evaluations and shipments, status and results of cone and seed processing activities from receipt through to final cleaning and separation.