Priority processing

There are several reasons for prioritizing seedlot processing.

The Tree Seed Centre prioritizes processing collections of western redcedar and western hemlock because these species have low seed dormancy.

Also, clients may request that seedlots be processed on a priority basis if

  • The seedlot must be immediately available for seedling production
  • There are concerns with pre-germination or insect activity

The Tree Seed Centre may not prioritize certain seedlots (for example, Abies spp.) if seed quality could be compromised by priority processing.

Please advise the Tree Seed Centre in writing by early fall of all seedlots to be processed as a priority, even if seedlots are processed at a private facility. A priority request includes cone and seed processing, testing, registration, storage, withdrawal, preparation for use and transport. The written request must include the reason for the priority status and, if for seedling production, the approximate sowing date.

If a priority request for a seedlot to be used is received before germination testing is complete, a species average (SA) or seedlot estimate (SE) germination will be used to calculate potential seedlings and grams required.

An SE germination is used when clients have prior information about a seedlot or historic information about the germination of seedlots from a specific orchard.

Every effort will be made to expedite your request. However, there are minimum time requirements to extract, process, test and prepare (stratify or pellet) seed for sowing.

 See below the specific priority processing guidelines for cones collected in 2021: