Summer 2021 Defoliator Spray Programs

Building populations of western hemlock looper, western spruce budworm and Douglas-fir tussock moth were actively managed throughout the Southern Interior through the aerial application of Foray 48B (active ingredient Bacillus thuringiensis var. kurstaki (B.t.k.)).  For more information on the spray programs view the Notice of Intent to Treat for each Region:

Western Hemlock Looper and Phantom Hemlock Looper Outbreaks: September, 2020

Forests on the Sunshine Coast and Lower Mainland are currently experiencing western hemlock looper (Lamdina fiscellaria lugubrosa) and phantom hemlock looper (Nepytia phantasmaria) outbreaks.  Both loopers are native defoliators.  During the summer the looper caterpillars defoliated a range of conifer hosts, and now the adults (moths) are flying and visible around many homes and green spaces.


Photo credit: Dave Holden, CFIA