Step 2: The provincial permit process

Before the timber leaves B.C., the timber owner/agent must apply for a provincial permit including a valid exemption, pay a fee in lieu of manufacture, and ensure all provincial accounts are in good standing.

How to apply for a provincial permit

An application for a provincial permit is made online through the Log Exemption Information System (LEXIS).

In special situations in the interior zone, the FS38 application form is submitted to the regional office by email or fax.

Fee in Lieu of Manufacture

The Fee in Lieu of Manufacture will vary depending on the harvesting location of the timber. The location determines the scaling and appraisal method and whether it is determined to be coastal or interior. Within that determination, the fee can vary across species and grades found in those regions. Note that no fee is due for timber with Canadian destinations.

Export Fees webpage

Once a permit request is approved, the owner/agent will be issued a provincial permit.