Apply Online (LEXIS)

The Log Exemption Information System (LEXIS) allows companies to apply on-line and receive exemptions and permits through a secure internet site and/or email. We recommend using Internet Explorer for best functionality in LEXIS.

Obtaining Access to LEXIS

Whether you are entering your exemption applications on-line directly into LEXIS or submitting a group of XML files on-line through the Electronic Submission Framework (ESF), you need to be granted access to LEXIS.

To gain access, email the following information to

  • The BCeID used to login to LEXIS. Many industry users will already have a Business BCeID for use with other ministry on-line applications such as HBS, RESULTS or ECAS in which case you can also use it for LEXIS. If not, you can search for your company within the BCeID Online Business Directory. Then, contact the Profile or Account Manager listed for your company to request access. If your company is not found, follow the registration process to obtain a Business BCeID.
  • The name, email address and telephone number, to confirm the correct BCeID
  • The company name and ministry client number for the company to be linked to the BCeID. Again, many industry users will already have a client number, in which case it too can be used for LEXIS

Once the information is processed you will receive an email notice stating your access to LEXIS is active.

How to Use LEXIS

The following will help users create and submit on-line exemption applications individually and navigate through LEXIS.

Industry Guide to the preparation and on-line submission of LEXIS XML documents through the Electronic Submissions Framework (ESF)

Guide for industry about how to get on-line access to LEXIS and how to submit LEXIS XML documents through the on-line Electronic Submissions Framework (ESF)

LEXIS Training Videos