Kamloops Land & Resource Management Plan

The Kamloops Land and Resource Management Plan (LRMP) is a sub-regional land use plan covering 2.2 million hectares of south-central B.C. It is the result of a two-year shared decision-making process that involved about forty public and government representatives. The B.C. government approved the plan recommendation and published the plan in 1995. 

The Kamloops LRMP provides management objectives and strategies for:

  • Land Management
  • Water management
  • Riparian management
  • Ecosystem management and  biodiversity  
  • Grasslands management
  • Inland and anadronomous fisheries
  • Range
  • Recreation and tourism
  • Minerals
  • Wildlife, critical deer winter range and critical moose winter range
  • Timber
  • Visually sensitive areas
  • Cultural and heritage sites and trails
  • Settlement resource management zones
  • Protection resource management zones
  • Special resource management zones including community watersheds, habitat/wildlife management areas and recreation/tourism