Kispiox Sustainable Resource Management Plan

The Kispiox LRMP Higher Level Plan Objectives for Biodiversity, Visual Quality and Wildlife - 2006 is sometimes referred to as the Kispiox SRMP.

The plan  includes objectives, indicators and thresholds/measures for biodiversity, visual quality and wildlife for the Kispiox LRMP area (outside of the Cranberry and West Babine sustainable resource management plan areas).

Two legal orders were approved and included in the plan to represent the functional interpretation of the Kispiox LRMP objectives for biodiversity, wildlife and visual quality under the Forest and Range Practices Act:

  • Order Establishing the Kispiox Landscape Units and Objectives
  • Order Establishing Scenic Areas

The first order established all of the landscape units in the Kispiox LRMP area outside of the West Babine (Cranberry, Kispiox North, Kispiox South, Lower Skeena, Middle Skeena North, Middle Skeena South, Upper Skeena, Gitseguecla, Suskwa and Babine).

The second order established scenic areas outside of the Gitanyow planning area and the West Babine SRMP area.