Crown Land Indicators and Statistics Report

Last updated on June 23, 2021

Crown land is a public asset that is highly valued by the citizens of BC. Crown land supports a diverse range of species and ecosystems, provides opportunities for recreational activities, and is a foundation of the province’s economy. 

The 2010 Crown Land: Indicators and Statistics Report (PDF, 34MB) presents a wide range of new and refined indicators and statistics related to Crown land and its management. 

The last provincial report to provide an inventory of the Crown land base and land use activities was the 1996 BC Land Statistics report. The 2010 Crown Land: Indicators and Statistics Report provides updated information and a more comprehensive analysis of the current Crown land base and the issues involved in Crown land management.

Analysis focuses largely on those management activities authorized under the Land Act. The report draws together information on the Crown land base, its resources, demographics, and management regime. In addition, information is included on the legislation and policies that affect the management of Crown land, including how Crown land is allocated and how land use decisions are made.

With publication of the 2010 Crown Land: Indicators and Statistics Report, a new baseline of information has been established, including benchmarks for future Crown land reporting. This report will be a valuable resource for those interested in the allocation and management of Crown land in B.C.

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