Government Access Tool for Online Retrieval (GATOR)

GATOR provides access to the Crown land registry, where users can view, extract, and print information.

The registry is a database of Crown land records for British Columbia, which has been maintained since the Hudson's Bay Company first began surveying land in British Columbia in the 1850s. It maintains, records, and tracks the sale, survey, licence, access, return and restriction of Crown land in British Columbia.

GATOR can be used to:

  • Identify original parcel survey structure and research history and survey type
  • Determine the existence and location of survey field notes, survey plans and Crown grant information
  • Determine the parcel status, whether the land is Crown or privately owned
  • Review transaction information associated with a particular parcel, such as leases, licenses, or reserves, known as the tenure or interest in the parcel
  • Access information about the original title document, the Crown grant

Private parcel ownership information is available from the land title office.