BCAB #1052 - Ventilation for Cooking Equipment, Sentence, NFPA 96

March 3, 1989

BCAB #1052

Re: Ventilation for Cooking Equipment, Sentence, NFPA 96

With reference to your letter of January 16, 1989 regarding the application of Sentence in the Building Code. This relates to the necessity for special hoods to vent grease-laden vapours.

We would correct one point before dealing with your situation, we have no authority to relax any provision of the Building Code, your issue must be dealt with purely on the factors involved and the Code requirements to accommodate any hazards generated.

This type of question has been raised before under different appeals, and we attempted to set out a reasonable basis for local decisions, in Appeal #687, a copy of which is enclosed. Also enclosed are copies of Appeals #706, 839 and 895, all dealing with specific situations.

As indicated in earlier appeals, the use of domestic quality cooking equipment is not relevant; the question is, is it being used for commercial purposes? The information we have provided should be adequate to permit a reasonable local assessment of your particular operation. However, from the limited details given, we question the necessity for an NFPA 96 type hood.

J.C. Currie, Chairman