BCAB #895 - Ventilation for Cooking Equipment, Sentence, NFPA 96

December 11, 1986

BCAB #895

Re: Ventilation for Cooking Equipment, Sentence, NFPA 96

With reference to your letter of November 20, 1986, regarding the ventilation of cooking equipment.

This issue has been raised in the past, and in Appeal No. 687 (a copy of which is attached) we endeavoured to clarify the situation. Basically the need for the application of NFPA 96 relates to commercial use of cooking equipment.

On occasions a situation may require very limited use of a surface cooking appliance, for a purpose not envisaged by the provisions of NFPA 96. This was the case dealt with under another Appeal No. 839.

In your situation you clearly have commercial use of surface cooking equipment. This normally requires the application of Sentence of the Code. We have no authority to relax these provisions, despite your statements that the proposed type of cooking will not generate grease laden vapour, your menu may change at any time.