Bees (apiculture)

Apiculture is the management and study of honeybees.

Beekeeping plays a key role in the production of most fruit and forage crops. British Columbia monitors for bee diseases and pests through bee inspections and the delivery of educational services, including beekeeping courses. A full range of laboratory diagnostic services are also available.

Food for bees

The Food For Bees initiative promotes the planting of bee forage on public and private lands, to support wild pollinator populations.

Bee business management

Many factors need to be considered in starting a beekeeping business.  A guide for Agricultural Producers is available, which will provide a good starting point to assist with preparing a formal business plan for your own operation:

It is recommended to outline expectations at the onset of  crop pollination agreements:

The B.C. Government offers several programs to help producers mitigate risk:

Apiculture staff & apiary inspectors

Beekeeping in British Columbia consists of a small network of beekeeping professionals. Apiculture staff and Inspectors are available to answer questions and arrange for site inspections:

Beekeeping bulletins

Beekeeping Bulletins offer information about all facets of beekeeping management:

Surveys and statistics

Surveys are collected bi-annually to monitor the health of beekeeping in the province. The information collected is available in annual statistical reports: