Surveys and production statistics

The Apiculture Program conducts two surveys annually to monitor the health of beekeeping in the province of B.C.

Spring survey

B.C. beekeepers registered with 10 or more colonies are asked to participate in the annual Spring Survey. The survey is intended to determine the wintering results of honey bee colonies and their conditions in each of the province’s regions. Some questions refer to management practices applied in the previous production year that may have influenced wintering results. 

The information submitted by individual beekeepers is anonymous and will be pooled for each region and used to determine provincial averages. 

Beekeeping production survey

This survey requests beekeepers to submit information about their colony production, their operational activities, purchases and sales of bee stock, etc. This survey is held annually during the fall season.

Please note that all surveys comply with the Personal Information Protection Act which guarantees that the information you provide remains confidential and anonymous.  Data will only be used for statistical purposes.

Please submit no later than November 1, 2020.

Production statistics

Through the bi-annual surveys, statistics are collected by the provincial apiculturist to help monitor the health of bees in the province of British Columbia.

Please contact the Provincial Apiculture Office with any questions.