Bee Courses

The Government of British Columbia offers an Introductory Beekeeping course as well as an advanced Bee Master course.

Introduction to Beekeeping

Webinar Format

This course is offered for free and is open to anyone. It covers a full range of topics related to bee biology, beekeeping management, disease diagnosis and controls. The course involves four webinar sessions on consecutive Saturday mornings from 0900 - 1130 (PST). Prior to each session, registrants will receive an email with suggested reading materials and references. If you wish to be notified when course details and registration become available, please submit an email with your name, email address and location to:  or

Bee Master Course

The Bee Master course is offered every other year in February. This course is intended for beekeepers with extensive experience who wish to learn more about apiculture research and science. (This course has little to do with beekeeping management and is not recommended for beginner beekeepers).

The Bee Master course in an intense one-week course held at UBC. Lectures are presented daily by invited researchers and speakers from Canada and United States. An optional 3-hour written exam is offered at the end of the course and upon successful completion, a Bee Master Certificate will be issued. 

The biennial Bee Master course was first developed and introduced by the BC Ministry of Agriculture in the mid-1950s and is the oldest advanced beekeeping course in North America.

If you wish to be notified when course details become available, please send an email to Paul van Westendorp with your name and email address: