Biologically diverse ecosystems provide a number of critically important goods and services that benefit humans. While conserving and enhancing biodiversity may come at a cost to producers, there are immeasurable benefits to farmers and ranchers.

These benefits include:

  • Soil formation and retention processes − maintain soil productivity and prevent soil loss due to wind and water erosion
  • Nutrient breakdown, storage and cycling − makes nutrients available to domestic and native plants, prevents organic debris from accumulating, and helps maintain water quality 
  • Reduction of pest populations − helps reduce crop losses
  • Pollination services − enhance yields for pollinator-dependent crops such as fruit trees

Biodiversity Guide

The Biodiversity Guide is designed for farmers and ranchers who wish to increase their understanding of biodiversity and what it means to their operations. It offers ideas on how agricultural producers can manage for biodiversity, and it provides some tools for doing so.

Grazing management guide

The Grazing Management Guide assists B.C. farmers and ranchers in preparing a grazing management plan for their operations. The guide can be used in designing, implementing, and monitoring a Biodiversity Management Plan.