Strengthening Farming Program

The Strengthening Farming Program is an initiative of the ministry that is jointly implemented with the Agricultural Land Commission. It provides guidance for local governments, First Nations and the farming community related to B.C.’s agricultural legislation. There are two key components: farm practices protection and land use planning for agriculture.

Farm practices protection

The first key component involves the Province’s Farm Practices Protection (Right to Farm) Act legislation which underpins efforts to protect current farm practices. This legislation is founded on the principle that farmers have a right to farm in the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR), in licenced aquaculture areas, and other areas designated for farming by local governments. The right to farm, however, is contingent upon ‘normal farm practices’ being used and compliance with other legislation such as B.C.'s Public Health ActIntegrated Pest Management ActEnvironmental Management Act and other land use regulations.

Land use planning for agriculture

Land use planning for agriculture is broadly focused on developing strong working relationships between local governments, the farm community and the province to ensure that agriculture is given appropriate consideration in local government land use planning processes.