Mental Health & Substance Use

One in five British Columbians will be affected by a mental health and/or substance use problem this year. This could be our neighbours, our co-workers, our dearest friends, our parents, our children, and ourselves.

There's lots that can be done, from the earliest stages of life to the most senior years, to foster mental wellness and prevent the misuse of alcohol and other drugs. However, problems can develop - and sometimes these persist. Help is available.

Find Services Near You

A variety of mental health and substance use resources and services are offered across B.C., including educational resources, prevention programs, early intervention initiatives, and recovery and treatment options. See the range of publicly-funded mental health and substance use services in your community.

Crisis and Information Lines

Contact information for crisis and information lines that provide assistance with mental health issues.


Mental health and substance use organizations, organized by topic.

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Information and Publications

Mental health and substance use information and publications, organized by topic.

Healthy Minds, Healthy People

At the provincial level, the B.C. Government has developed a 10 year plan to address mental health and problematic substance use. Visit the Healthy Minds, Healthy People page to find out more about this plan and related provincial strategies for addressing mental health and substance use. 

Mental Health Act

British Columbia's Mental Health Act has important implications for individuals requiring involuntary treatment or receiving voluntary treatment under the act, their families and service providers.