Health Gateway

Health Gateway provides British Columbians with secure access to a single view of their health information. It is accessible by anyone 12 and older with a BC Services Card set up on a mobile device. 

Last updated: May 5, 2021

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Available health information

Currently, Health Gateway gives you access to your COVID-19 and medical information. In the future, it will include access to laboratory test results and diagnostic imaging reports.

COVID-19 information

Access your COVID-19 test results.

  • Get a text or email when your test results are available
  • Access test results of children 11 years and younger

Print COVID-19 test results.

  • You can print the screen display, or you can download the COVID-19 test result to your device and print the PDF document

Download and print your COVID-19 immunization digital card as proof of your immunization. 

  • Note: The Health Gateway is not used for COVID-19 immunization registration and booking. Please visit the COVID-19 Immunization Plan for more information on getting immunized. 

Health Records 

View dispensed medication information dating back to 1995.

View immunizations from public health and community pharmacies. 

View the last seven years of your health visits, consultations and procedures billed to the BC Medical Services Plan.

View the status of your Special Authority drug coverage requests made since March 2021.

Who can register

Health Gateway is available to anyone 12 and older with a BC Services Card set up on a mobile device. 

After registering, parents can choose to access COVID-19 test results for their children 11 years and younger.

How registration works

To register, you need your mobile BC Services Card. It’s a secure way to prove who you are online. If you don't have a mobile BC Services Card, you need to get set up before you can complete the registration process. 

Registration has four steps

Step 1: Go to the Health Gateway website

You must have your BC Services Card set up on a mobile device to use the Health Gateway. You can pair your mobile BC Services Card to use the service on your personal computer, laptop or tablet.

Open an internet browser and go to

Click Register.

Note: Internet Explorer is not supported.

Health Gateway Homepage

Step 2: Log in with your mobile BC Services Card

This service is currently only available to those 12 and older with a BC Services Card. 

How login works

If this is your first time using your card to log in to an online government service, follow the instructions to get set up. 

Get help with your BC Services Card

Log in with your BC Services Card

Step 3: Set up your profile

Health Gateway can send you email or text message notifications when lab test results are available.

Indicate your communication preferences by providing an email address and/or a cell phone number.

Next, accept the terms of service.

You can now access your Health Gateway account.

Set up your profile

Step 4: Verify your contact information

You will not receive notifications until your contact information has been verified. Go to the Profile page to verify your contact information. 

To verify your phone number, click the “Verify” button. Enter the 6-digit code sent to you via text message. 

To verify your email address, open the email sent to you from Health Gateway. Click the link in the email.

Ready to get started?

Register for Health Gateway

Verify your contact information