Information for autism service providers

Apply to be on the Registry of Autism Service Providers (RASP)

Complete an application form (PDF) and send it along with supporting documentation to:

Autism Information Services BC
3688 Cessna Drive
Richmond, BC V7B 1C7


Toll Free: 1 844 878-4700

Supervised Category: Occupational therapists and speech-language pathologists new to the field of autism can apply with the support of a supervisor.

Determine your eligibility and submit a Supervision Verification Record form (PDF).

Complete a criminal record check

RASP professionals must complete a criminal record check every five years. Reminder emails are sent out when it's time to renew.

If a criminal record check is not received by the deadline, you will be notified and then removed from the RASP shortly afterwards, which will stop payments.

A new criminal record check costs $28 and takes at least 10 days to complete.

Email for the access code.

Results are only accepted through the Criminal Record Check Review Program directly.

If you're a member of a professional college, you can share your criminal record check results with Autism Information Services B.C. for free using the eCRC system.

Working with families

If a family requests services from you, explain the following:

  • Your role on the child's team
  • Your training, experience and approach to intervention
  • The amount of time both you and the parent agree will be spent with the child
  • Your fees

It's best to have a written contract with parents. Hourly/daily rates should include the overall cost of doing business, such as time spent on administration, preparation and local travel.

Maintain ongoing communication with your families about services that are being billed and how much funding is remaining.

Before you can invoice

Each funding period, parents need to work with their service provider to complete a Request to Pay (RTP) Service Providers / Suppliers Form (PDF). The form outlines the maximum:

  • Hourly or daily rate for a service
  • Amount of funds that may be paid to a service provider for one funding period

The fastest way for parents to submit the form is through My Family Services

Once the form is approved, the service provider will receive a billing number which must be included on all invoices. A new billing number is provided for each new funding period, if services are approved.

It's best to only begin service delivery once you receive a billing number to make sure that parents are not responsible for the amount owing.

During a funding period, parents can change the approved rates/amounts for a billing number by using a Request To Amend Invoice Payment Authorization (RTA) form (PDF)The fastest way for parents to submit the form is through My Family Services

Getting paid

Authorized invoices are paid within 30 business days of being received – most are paid sooner. For fastest payment:

Invoice once per month. You have up to six months after the date of service to submit an invoice. You cannot invoice for future-dated services or for missed appointments. Include on your invoice:

  • Information about the service provider – full name, mailing address, phone number
  • Information about the payee, (if different than the service provider) – full name, mailing address, phone number
  • Billing number
  • Invoice number – at least four characters long
  • Client name (first and last)
  • Information about the service delivery – date (day, month, and year), type of service, amount of service provided (hours or days), rate (per hour or per day)
  • Total cost of service
  • Sample invoice (PDF)

Provide parents with duplicates of any invoices submitted for payment. Parents and service providers will be notified if an invoice cannot be processed.

Submit invoices:

Using the service provider portal