Updating or Changing Your Coverage Information

It is important that you keep your family information up to date. Your family membership also affects your level of coverage. This is because

  • each member of your family must be registered with Fair PharmaCare before their prescription costs will be covered
  • changes in your family membership may require an adjustment to your level of coverage

Contact Health Insurance BC as soon as possible after

  • you marry or enter into a marriage-like relationship
  • you have a new baby or adopt a child
  • you gain primary (51% or more) custody of a child from a previous marriage or relationship
  • you separate or divorce
  • your spouse dies *
  • your spouse becomes a resident in a licensed long-term care facility *
  • your child is no longer considered a dependent by the Medical Services Plan (your child can remain covered by asking us to set up separate Fair PharmaCare coverage for them)

* In these cases, you may be eligible for increased assistance. Please see Fair PharmaCare Increased Assistance and Payment Options for more information.

Reinstating Your Coverage

In some circumstances, your income-based Fair PharmaCare coverage may end. If you become eligible for coverage again, you can ask to have your coverage reinstated.

For instance, your coverage may have ended because:

  • you did not return a consent form authorizing PharmaCare to check your income with the Canada Revenue Agency or withdrew your consent;
  • your deductible defaulted to $10,000 per family because we could not verify your income (if, for example, you did not file a tax return);
  • your coverage ended because you left B.C. to live elsewhere; or
  • you opted out of the B.C. Medical Services Plan.

In each case, coverage can be reinstated if you take the steps needed. This might mean filing a tax return, re-enrolling with the B.C. Medical Services Plan or providing your consent for PharmaCare to check your income with the Canada Revenue Agency. Contact Health Insurance BC to reinstate coverage.