PharmaNet Data Requests

Requests for PharmaNet data are approved by the Data Stewardship Committee, with Population Data BC providing support for academic researchers requesting access to PharmaNet.

The preparation of the application takes time. A well prepared application package is required to ensure timely access to requested PharmaNet data.

The Process

1. Obtain Cost Estimates

Cost estimates necessary for grant applications are provided by Population Data BC. Detailed cost estimates will be provided to the academic researchers by the Data Stewardship Secretariat once the application has been submitted.

2. Complete the Data Access Request

The researcher works with Population Data BC staff to complete the data access request and prepare the application package.

3. Submit the Data Access Request to the Ministry of Health

Population Data BC, on behalf of the researcher, submits the application package to the Data Stewardship Secretariat for review and approval.

4. Await Ministry of Health's In-Depth Review

The secretariat staff reviews for appropriate use of the data according to legislation and policy. Part of the review process may include follow-up clarification questions to the researcher.

At this stage, the secretariat will provide the researcher with a cost estimate.

When the in-depth review is complete, the application package is submitted to the Data Stewardship Committee for decision.

5. Receive Data Stewardship Committee Decision and Notification

The Data Stewardship Committee will make a decision to:

  • Approve the application;
  • Reject the application; or
  • Table the application and request further information from the researcher.

A decision letter will be sent to the researcher, with copies to Population Data BC, the Ministry of Health and all the other relevant data stewards.

6. Await Ministry of Health's Data Preparation and Delivery

If approved, the following steps occur prior to data preparation:

  • Ministry of Health administrative approval and signing of a Research Agreement.
  • Cost estimate signed by the researcher, if applicable.
  • Population Data BC submits relevant cohort information to the secretariat, if applicable.

PharmaNet data will then be released to the researcher per the specifications set out in the data access request and Data Stewardship Committee approval letter.

7. Request Amendments to PharmaNet Data Access Requests (if applicable)

After an application has been approved, a researcher may decide to request one or more amendments to the project. Examples of amendments include: data retention extension, the addition of a graduate student, additional years of data, and additional data files/fields.

For amendments to projects submitted by Population Data BC, Population Data BC will assist researchers in the amendment application process.

For amendments to projects that had no previous Population Data BC involvement, the secretariat staff will assist researchers in the amendment application process directly.

All PharmaNet research amendments require Data Stewardship Committee approval.

8. Submit Research Outputs to the Ministry of Health

All research findings intended for public dissemination must be submitted to the ministry by Population Data BC (or directly to the data stewardship secretariat if the project had no previous Population Data BC involvement) for review and comment prior to release. The ministry will provide feedback/comments within 45 business days of submission.

9. Ensure Project Closure Compliance

Upon completion of the research, Population Data BC will work with researchers to ensure data destruction compliance, and necessary project closure documents are completed and submitted to the ministry.