Health Data Access

Health system partners, such as other provincial health organizations, other public bodies, or eligible researchers, can obtain access to health system data for a range of purposes such as health system planning, evaluation or improvement and public interest research.

Data, including personal information, is collected on a routine basis by health care providers and program administrators across British Columbia’s health system.

The collection and use of personal information, as well as any subsequent disclosures of that personal information, is governed by legislation, government policies, professional codes of ethics and standards of practice. Additional information is located on the Privacy Protection page.

The Ministry of Health, together with the health authorities, are introducing new data access processes and supporting systems to streamline access to data access, making data available more quickly and securely. This work is on-going and will continue to roll out across all of our data holdings.

Access to data

BC Government ministries and health sector partner access to data

BC Government and health authority employees, contractors and service providers may obtain access to health data via a number of mechanisms, depending on the data required and the purpose for which the data is needed.

Further information regarding how to access data and different sources, can be found on the Health Data Access web page.

Academic researchers access to data

Researchers seeking access to health data are to submit Data Access Requests through Population Data BC. Population Data BC operates as a service provider to the Ministry of Health, providing a range of services to facilitate the process of accessing data and supporting services.

Additional information regarding researcher requests for Ministry data, including governance processes associated with the adjudication of requests, may be found on the Academic Researchers Access to Data web page. Look up the Ministry of Health’s policy on Access to Health Data for Research (PDF, 501KB) for more information.

Other organizations or individuals access to data

For those who are not affiliated with the BC Government or academic institution, please contact for assistance.