The Community Care and Assisted Living Act and the Assisted Living Regulation set out operators’ responsibilities to promote and protect residents’ health and safety in assisted living residences.

Operators have a responsibility to:

  • Ensure that the employees they hire have the training, experience and qualifications they need to provide services and protect and promote the health and safety of residents
  • Ensure there is a staff plan in place and all appropriate checks are done before hiring
  • Review each employee’s performance regularly to ensure they understand their duties and are demonstrating the necessary competence to do their job well; and
  • Contracting agencies need to do so as well with their contracted staff

A staff plan:

  • Identifies a sufficient number of employees, adequate for the setting, number of residents, capabilities of residents and the hospitality services and assisted living services provided
  • Outlines for each position - the duties and responsibilities and experience, training, skills and other qualifications that the employee must have
  • Before hiring, operators need to obtain
    • A criminal record check by the Criminal Records Review Program of the Government of BC, as specified under the Criminal Record Review Act (not checks by local police)
    • Character references
    • A record of the person’s work history and experience
    • Copies of any diplomas, certificates or other evidence of training and skills; and
    • Evidence of the person’s immunizations and tuberculosis test status