Assisted Living in BC

Assisted living is semi-independent housing, with hospitality and assisted living services, for adults who require some support with their day-to-day needs, due to physical, health or mental health challenges or while in recovery for substance use.

This is a place to find resources if you are considering assisted living or if you are operating an assisted living residence.

About Assisted Living

Find out more about the 3 classes of assisted living residences in B.C. and criteria for being accepted into assisted living.

Finding an Assisted Living Residence

Find an assisted living residence in the province that meets your needs or the needs of a loved one.

Opening or Operating an Assisted Living Residence

There are specific legal requirements for opening and operating an assisted living residence. You will find the resources you need to register and operate an assisted living residence here.

Making a Complaint

Ensuring the safety of residents in assisted living is paramount. Find the results of investigations that may help guide your decisions about where to live.

Assisted Living Registry

The assisted living registry issues registrations to residences and regulates operators who provide hospitality services and assisted living services to more than two people.

Assisted Living Complaint Reports

Search assisted living residences to see how they are operating and if they are complying with the Community Care and Assisted Living Act and regulations.