Graphics in CMS Lite

Guidelines for inserting graphics into CMS Lite pages.

Placement and sizing

Graphics can be inserted in several locations in CMS Lite pages, but using graphics is optional. 

  • Refer to the CMS Lite manual for information about inserting graphics in web content

CMS Lite is built for responsive design. Images will be automatically resized based on the device they are viewed on, so full-width graphics are recommended for most purposes.

Banner graphics and carousels

A banner graphic is a wide image placed at the top of the page content in the main body. A carousel is a series of images that cycle automatically. Recommended image sizes for banners and carousels depend on which page elements are visible:

  • No left nav or right column: 1140 x 348 pixels
  • Either left nav or right column: 855 x 348 pixels
  • Left nav and right column: 570 x 232 pixels

Page body

Graphics in the main body should be 1140 pixels wide, left-aligned.

Right-column boxes

Right-column box graphics should be 510 x 383 pixels (16:9 aspect ratio), left aligned. 


CMS Lite does not automatically create thumbnails or smaller versions of larger graphics.

To link a thumbnail to a larger graphic:

  1. Upload the larger graphic as an asset in CMS Lite
  2. Create a thumbnail image using a graphics program
  3. Insert the thumbnail into the page
  4. Link the thumbnail to the larger graphic