Accountability requirements for public sector organizations

Public sector organizations are responsible for providing programs and services on behalf of the B.C. government. To ensure the effectiveness and sustainability of this relationship, all public sector organizations must follow the spirit and intent of B.C. government core policies and procedures.

In addition to annual planning and reporting requirements, public sector organizations are responsible for ensuring they meet accountability requirements, including:

Policies & guidelines

  • Board Governance & Appointment Process
    Public sector organizations must comply with the Crown Agencies and Board Resourcing Office's best practices and appointment process guidelines.
  • Lobbyist Registration Act
    Public sector organizations must comply with government’s requirement that lobbyists act in accordance with the Lobbyists Registration Act and are not engaged to act on behalf of the organization during interactions with government.
  •  Public Sector Employers Act
    Many public sector organizations are both defined by and subject to the Public Sector Employers Act which includes various requirements that must be met on an annual basis to ensure compliance. 
  • Public Service Act
    ​Public sector organizations that have employees appointed under the Public Service Act must comply with guidance and instructions from the BC Public Service Agency, about the administration of collective agreements, terms and conditions of employment, excluded compensation and other topics covered in the Act.

Reporting & disclosure requirements