Plan & report for crown corporations

Last updated on September 18, 2023

As public sector organizations, Crown corporations receive direction from the B.C. government through mandate letters.

They communicate their governance and accountabilities through:

Crown corporations must follow the spirit and intent of B.C. government core policies and procedures and follow all applicable legislation, policies and guidelines. These include:

  • Meeting compensation reporting requirements
  • Disclosing executive and excluded compensation 
  • Meeting and reporting on carbon neutral requirements
  • Meeting reporting requirements outlined in the Public Sector Employers Act 
  • Meeting reporting requirements outlined in the Budget Transparency and Accountability Act 
  • Ensuring required policies are implemented

Each Crown corporation is also accountable to its enabling legislation. Learn more about B.C.'s Crown corporations and their current mandate letters, services plans and annual reports for Crown corporations.

Principles & best practices

Principles and guidelines direct Crown corporation planning and reporting:

Governing in the Public Interest manuals have been developed and can be accessed here: 

Learn more about responsibilities and best practices for people and agencies that contribute to public sector management.

Compensation reporting

The Public Sector Employers’ Council (PSEC Secretariat) was established to oversee the Province’s strategic coordination of labour relations, total compensation planning and human resource management across the broader public sector.

To view or submit compensation reports to PSEC Secretariat:

Logon to the Reporting Database

For information on compensation reporting contact the Public Sector Employers' Council Secretariat.

Information Requirements Calendar

Learn about the planning and reporting deadlines for Crown corporations throughout the year in the following format: