Remuneration Guidelines for Employees in the Public Sector

The Appointee Remuneration Committee (ARC) is comprised of deputy ministers and is established to administer the remuneration guidelines. In addition to providing general support and recommendations to Treasury Board on matters of appointee remuneration, ARC is responsible for classifying boards and tribunals within the established classification framework. Once ARC classifies a board or tribunal, the Minister Responsible can then establish specific remuneration amounts within the approved ranges.

The Public Sector Employers’ Council Secretariat (PSEC Secretariat) serves as the secretariat to ARC administering the guidelines and ARC requests.

Ministries are responsible for setting the remuneration for their respective boards and tribunals within the permitted ranges set in the Treasury Board Directives. Ministries are also responsible for ensuring accurate annual disclosure of remuneration and expenses paid to boards and administrative tribunals.

Treasury Board Directives (TBD) set transparent and comprehensive remuneration guidelines for appointees to ministry and Crown agency boards, administrative tribunals and regulatory boards:

  • Treasury Board Directive 1/24 - Remuneration Guidelines for Appointees to Administrative Tribunals and Regulatory Board
  • Treasury Board Directive 2/24 - Remuneration Guidelines for Appointees to Ministry and Crown Agency Boards

These directives set the classification structures and maximum remuneration ranges based on the complexity of the board or tribunal. They also address other matters such as expense reimbursement and public disclosure of paid remuneration and expenses.

Remuneration Overview

Government makes appointments through the Crown Agencies and Board Resourcing Office to many Crown corporations, agencies, boards, commissions and administrative tribunals that help deliver public services and Government’s priorities. Remuneration is often provided to these appointees either directly by government or by its relevant entities.

The Appointee Remuneration Committee oversees the remuneration provided to public sector appointees. Two appointee remuneration Treasury Board directives provide guidelines to ensure a consistent and transparent approach to how much is paid to appointees across the public sector.   ​