Plan & Report for Ministries & Other Organizations

Ministries receive direction through ministerial mandate letters.

They communicate their governance and accountabilities through:

Accountability Requirements

Ministries must follow B.C. government core policies and procedures.  

Ministerial Mandate Letters

The premier issues an annual ministerial mandate letter to each minister to communicate their direction and confirm their priorities for the year.

Ministries meet with organizations under their responsibility to clarify their accountability and expectations to meet the mandate priorities.

Service Plans

Ministries issue three-year service plans, outlining their strategic priorities.

The service plan template (PDF) outlines the necessary requirements for a service plan.

The service plan guidelines (PDF) provide instructions for completing the service plan to meet reporting and accountability requirements.

Service plans for all ministries are updated annually and posted online when the annual budget is released.

Annual Reports

Ministries issue an annual report with their public accounts showing how their business outcomes compare to the goals in their service plan.

The annual report template (PDF) outlines the necessary requirements for an annual report.

The annual report guidelines (PDF) provide detailed instructions on how to complete the report.

Annual reports for all ministries are posted online when the annual budget is released.