6880 - Telecommunication Network Management

Records relating to the management of internal ministry/agency telecommunication networks (e.g., voice and data networks) and network site installations, as well as the provision of “telework” infrastructure services (e.g., telecommuting, teleconferencing, and videoconferencing technical support).

Records types include correspondence and reports.

For contract procurement and management, see primary 1070.
For employee telecommuting arrangements with supervisors, see primary 1385.
For telecommunication network capacity and performance management, see primary 6820.
For telecommunication network change management approvals, see primary 6840.
For telecommunication network development projects, see primary 6450.
For telecommunication network devices (e.g., routers and switches), see primary 700.
For telecommunication network product research, see secondary 700-20.
For service requests, see secondary 6000-20.
For telephones and other telecommunication devices, see primary 700.

The ministry or agency OPR is the computing services branch or equivalent, unless otherwise specified below.

non-OPR NOTE: Offices will retain non-OPR copies of records for: SO nil DE

Primary-Secondary Records Series OPR
6880-00 Policy and procedures SO nil DE
6880-01 General FY+2y nil DE
6880-05 Telework services
(covers the technical aspects of providing teleconferencing, videoconferencing, telecommuting and other telework services)
SO = upon completion or cancellation of service, and when no longer required for reference purposes
SO nil DE
6880-09 Voice mail management records
(covers voice mail management records, digitized audio and non-audio records such as user passwords, pre-recorded personal greetings, voice mail distribution lists, and user identifications)
SO = when no longer required
SO nil DE
6880-20 Telecommunication network management
(covers voice and data network engineering, network sites, network configurations, inventory of communication lines, FAX monthly reports, local area networks, metropolitan area networks, voice networks, wide area networks, and interruption of service)
SO = when technical information is updated, and when network and/or network site no longer exists
SO 2y DE

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