255 - Correspondence Management

Records relating to the control and tracking of correspondence. This includes the establishment of policies and guidelines on the format, terminology, and style of outgoing correspondence, as well as the referral and tracking of incoming correspondence.

Records types include correspondence.

For general incoming correspondence, see secondary 320-30.
For postal delivery logbooks, see secondary 375-06.
For program-specific correspondence, see the appropriate ARCS or ORCS secondary.
For reply letters for referred executive correspondence, see primary 280.
For signing authorities, see primary 265.

non-OPR NOTE: Offices will retain non-OPR copies of records for SO nil DE

Records Series OPR  
  A SA FD  
255-00 Policy and procedures SO nil DE  
255-01 General CY+2y nil DE  
255-20 Correspondence management files
(covers correspondence guidelines, external standards,  plain language, gender inclusive language, and correspondence projects)
SO = upon project completion or cancellation, resolution of issue, or provision of information, whichever is relevant
SO+1y nil DE  
255-30 Correspondence tracking
10y = This is consistent with the retention period for executive briefing notes and correspondence referral replies, which are classified under primary 280.
NOTE: Secondary -30 covers the tracking of incoming correspondence that has been referred for a reply. It may also be used to track other types of records (e.g., briefing notes, Treasury Board submissions, and internal policies). Correspondence tracking systems include CLIFF.
NOTE: Classify the “official file copy” of tracked documents under the appropriate secondary (e.g., classify executive briefing notes and minister’s letters under secondaries 280-20 and -30 respectively).
CY+9y nil DE PIB

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